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Finally, a personal survival kit that can be carried onboard commercial aircraft! This one person survival kit was designed for people traveling on small aircraft for their Alaskan adventure. Used in Alaska by the FAA, BLM, and many other state governmental agencies, this kit is perfect for nearly every outing. The kit includes: one thermal protective aid (a large, heavy duty space sleeping bag), 400 calories of rations, assorted candy and boullion, one trauma bandage, six fire starting sticks, one lighter, one magnesium and flint firestarter, one signal mirror, one dye marker, two 12 hour chemical snapights, 50 feet of parachute cord, 10 feet of snare wire, two gallon ziplock bags, one bottle of water purification tablets, 10 feet of aluminum foil for a fire base, and one serrated lock back knife all packed in a handy fanny pack. This kit is designed to help you escape from a downed aircraft and comfortably survive for a minimum of 24 hours.

EBK KIT$137.99